It contains the Giants of Mont'e Prama, the greatest archaeological discovery of the late 20th century in the Mediterranean. The Civic Archaeological Museum of Cabras, inaugurated in 1997 and named after Giovanni Marongiu, a personality from Cabras, is a journey from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages through traces of the past discovered on the Sinis peninsula.

An aura of legend surrounds the stone statues of the Giants, kept in a room that was opened in 2014. In the burial area of Mont'e Prama, which dates back to the Iron Age (8th century BC), over five thousand fragments were found. Patiently recomposed, they gave new shape to the mighty sculptures, almost two metres high: 18 boxers with shield and glove, six archers with protection, helmet and bow and six warriors. Six statues 'reside' in Cabras, along with four (of a total of 16) models of nuraghe found during the excavations. The others are in the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. Thanks to a touch screen, you can conduct a virtual exploration of the entire sculpture complex.