On the border between Logudoro and Gallura, it stretches at the feet of the Limbara granitic massif, looking over the splendid panorama of Lake Coghinas, a destination of choice for sport fishing, water skiing and kayaking enthusiasts. Oschiri is an agro-pastoral town of 3300 inhabitants, known for its beef, vermentino wine, cheeses and above all, panadas, a puff pastry stuffed with meat and natural flavourings. In August, a festival in honour of this local culinary symbol is held contemporaneously with the Agro-food Festival of Gallura. The town is surrounded by valleys dotted with holm and cork oaks and Mediterranean shrubs as far as the eye can see. An excursion into the Su Filigosu Forest, an animal heaven where you can admire red and fallow deer, weasels, mouflons and soaring eagles, falcons and sparrow hawks, is a must.