Total immersion in the purest and wildest nature, in a fairy-tale mountain landscape along the slopes of an imposing elevation. The forest complex of Monte Lerno, which is regional state property, extends for more than 2800 hectares in the territory of Pattada, at a height starting from 400 metres above sea level up to Punta Campanile, the summit of the mountain, at 1093 metres. Holm oak woods dominate this place, but there are also cork oaks competing with them, from which excellent quality cork is obtained, like in the locality of Trataxis. Entering the forest, you will also find downy oaks, holly plants, junipers and yews, while heather, strawberry trees, phillyrea and cistus are found in the thick undergrowth. The forest has been repopulated with protected species and, if you’re lucky, you will be able to admire the Sardinian deer and the mouflon, as well as a multitude of wild boar and hares.