It is perched at an elevation of almost 600 meters in the long and narrow valley of Riu Molinu, inserted a rolling, hilly terrain surrounded by a few more pronounced features. Nughedu San Nicolò is a small town of about 800 of the Monteacuto region, in eastern Logudoro. Its name is a later union of the original name nughedu, deriving from the Latin nocetum (walnut grove) with a clear reference to the walnut forests that covered the territory until early 20th century, with the name of the town’s patron saint, to which a charming parish church with a mural by Aligi Sassu was also dedicated. This merging was necessary to distinguish the town from another of the same name in the municipality of Oristano (Nughedu Santa Vittoria). The town’s main income comes from cheese making and the working of wood, leather and iron.