The territory of Forest'Anela was founded in 1886 by royal decree and expanded over the years and falls within the municipalities of Anela, Bono and Bultei. It reaches its maximum altitude at the Punta Masiedda (1158 m), but the majority of the territory is found at around 1000 m upon a large plateau from where waters flow out forming the main tributaries of the river Coghinas and of the Tirso. The whole area is covered by rather dense holm oak woods, that are intermingled with holly plants in some areas, while some reforested areas have specimens of allochthonous beech trees, chestnut trees, atlas cedars, black pines and firs, that have recreated an edge of Apennine wood in Sardinia. The atlas cedars that grow in the locality of Masiemmera are particularly large, located in the midst of a large meadow area that is covered in flowers of a thousand colours in spring.