Forest’Anela stands about a thousand metres high on a vast plateau and, along with Monte Pisanu, it is a part of the complex of state-owned forests of Goceano that, as a whole, extends over almost 3500 hectares, within the territory of three Municipalities: Anela, Bono and Bultei. The peak of the complex is punta Masiedda, with an altitude of 1158 metres, while at punta Masiennera, just a few metres lower, there is a 360-degree view stretching from the mountains of Pattada all the way to the coast of Bosa, passing through the mountains of Gallura, Mount Corrasi and the Gennargentu massif. From the plateau, the waters flow down two opposite sides, forming the main tributaries of the Coghinas and Tirso rivers. The area is dominated by dense holm oak woods, mixed with holly plants in some areas. It is between the expanses of holly that the torrents cross the forest, among which the s’Infundadu rivulet. Downy oaks, even considerably large ones, appear on the northern slopes.