Absolute peace and silence reigns here, a silence broken only by the occasional sound of the animals that live in the thick of the enchanted woods, woods graced with every hue of green. Some seven kilometres from Burgos lies a vast forest which, on one side, encloses the remains of the distant past – like the enormous Costa nuraghe and the smaller Erismanzanu nuraghe - while on the other side is home to a modern equestrian centre, once a government breeding centre. Today, Foresta Burgos raises a variety of equestrian breeds, in particular Anglo, Arabian and Sardinian, as well as Sardinian ponies. The centre is also home to albino donkeys, seeing as those which live in the Asinara National Park are, through inbreeding with the resident grey donkeys, bound to become extinct.

The old breeding centre is a now a small abandoned village surrounded by empty buildings, a village imbued with a very particular atmosphere created by bright light that sometimes feels almost spectral. This now unkempt corner of the mountain was, however, once very much alive. The first modern settlement dates to the late 19th century and boasted a small farm. Soon, in 1906, the government chose this spot to breed and train horses for the police and carabinieri. A few years later, the horses here were being trained to go to war, the First World War. From here, you can now go for relaxing nature walks in the furrows left behind by soldiers.