Covered in a thick layer of bright green moss and buried under the dust of ages, it is known as sa Reggia and sits in the middle of the enchanted landscape of the woods and meadows of the Burgos Forest, one of the Island’s most beautiful natural oases. The Costa nuraghe is an imposing pre-historic fort, one of the largest, most spectacular and best preserved in all of Sardinia. For millennia it was the command post of the fairytale landscapes of Goceano. To get to the top of the 800 meters high hill you will follow a one-kilometre-long trail from su Pranigheddu de s’Unighedda, passing by the Costa stables. The trail goes through the dense and verdant forest of ages-old oak and holm oak trees (the habitat of a variety of equestrian breeds) of Burgos, a medieval village some 10 km away.