The forest of Fiorentini, in the municipal area of Bultei, is among the most ancient State forests in Sardinia, founded in 1886 for the exceptional naturalistic peculiarities of the area. Of great panoramic and naturalistic interest are the localities Sa Fraigada, Su Labiolaiu, Su Tassu, Sa Pruna, where an archaeological site and a tomb of giants are found and Monte Unturzu, whose name derives form the presence of the Eurasian griffon, today rather rare in Sardinia. These places are all easily reached from the Forest Authority barracks of Fiorentini with light transport, and, still coming from the area of the barracks, there a number of easy and pleasant walking excursions. From the touristic and recreational viewpoint, the State forest complex of Fiorentini has numerous attractive elements: it has good reception buildings and numerous refreshment and restaurant facilities, and thus the destination, especially in the summer period, for a large number of tourists. In particular, in the area surrounding the main visitors’ centre in piazza Madonna di Fatima, there are a number of buildings, some recently renovated, that are used by the Forest Authority but also to accommodate tourists. Further in, in the locality of Sa Fraigada, besides the numerous buildings and picnic and rest areas, there is an old last-century church right next to a splendid wood of centuries-old chestnut trees that make the landscape most evocative. For some years now, the old nursery of Sa Pruna has been restored to its former glory and is used for the cultivation of officinal plants of the local flora (foxglove, camomile, burdock etc.) and other more general officinal plants, also extraneous to our flora, organised into picture frames for demonstrative and didactic purposes. Moreover, precious arboreal plants are cultivated along with those typically Mediterranean which can also be bought.