This site is fundamental for Sardinian archaeology, so much so that it gives its name to the first prehistoric culture spread throughout the entire territory of the island, also considering the fact that the finds show an astonishing level of technical skill for the age in which they were made. The cave of San Michele is located in Ozieri, on the edge of the residential area. The cave emerged as a result of the action of a watercourse - which has now disappeared - inside a limestone massif that ‘created’ a system of tunnels, underground passages and rooms, located around a main offshoot. Today, the cave stretches for approximately 160 metres, about sixty of which are accessible, and it ‘descends’ under the ground for about 80 metres. The origin of the name is not accidental: in the past, there was a nearby church dedicated to Archangel Michael who, according to tradition, was a ‘protector’ against evil entities that were thought to inhabit rocky and underground places.