It is located at an altitude of almost 700 metres in the northernmost of the three peaks of Tuffudesu, dominated by the Malaspina Castle, dating back to the end of the 12th century, of which you can admire two towers and perimeter walls. Osilo, a village with three thousand inhabitants, is the second highest Municipality in the province of Sassari. It has medieval origins and was a very important village until the early 20th century. Its artisan traditions are still alive and well, especially textile products and agricultural and pastoral produce: it is the home of Pecorino cheese. Another delicacy is the casadinas (formaggelle), made with a soft cheese filling. In August, little cobbled streets, stone houses and historical buildings (like the Palazzo Civico built in 1600) come to life with Artes Antigas, a revival of ancient trades and traditional culture, and with the of Corsa all'anello, an equestrian joust where the knights, in traditional costume, catch rings, suspended along the track, on their lances, while galloping.