There is a place in the historical Sarcidano area where you can go on lovely walks over nature trails surrounded by countless plant species and medieval ruins: the Ayermich Park, a 22 hectare oasis that until 1990 was the property of marquises, the feudal owners of this stretch of land. The creator of this natural reserve was Don Ignazio Ayermich Ripoli, a botanist, who, starting in the mid-1800s, brought rare plants back with him from his many trips abroad.

It’s an unusual excursion because it is nestled in the heart of a town, Laconi, some 60 km from Oristano and 90 from Cagliari. The walk takes you along lanes graced with a fresh and lively atmosphere. It starts out in a woods of oak trees, olive groves and locust trees dotted with natural pools, streams, waterfalls and ponds.