Near the Cignoni e Nieddu stop of the Trenino Verde the twisting course of the Sarcidano river takes its highest leap – a 20 metre drop and a true spectacle of nature, the su Craddaxioleddu waterfall – before it ends up in the waters of San Sebastiano (or is Barroccus) Lake. It is the feather in the proverbial cap of a magical place, especially in Spring. The Funtana is Arinus park, a combination of oak and beech trees, as well as lush Mediterranean vegetation, lies nestled among the hills of the historical Sarcidano region just a few kilometres from the town of Nurallao. In the midst of this dense vegetation the air is filled with the sound of water gurgling up from a myriad of springs and streaming over riverbeds. The landscape is graced with hues of green, a great place for walks and long hikes in peace and silence to explore nature’s hidden treasures. You can enter the woods along a trail marked by cyclamens and other wild flowers and reach the main water fall, smaller yet charming falls and a variety pools and streams that only enhance the sheer beauty of the place. The sunlight filters down as the relaxing sound of the running brooks, the birdsong and the fragrance of the many trees and bushes accompany you along your way.