"Corner of paradise", "tropical landscape", "a unique waterfall", "never seen anything like this", "a fantastic experience", "an enchantment", "pure magic", "a piece of Sardinia to keep in your eyes, your heart and your skin forever". These are the comments left by visitors to sa Stiddiosa, a masterpiece of nature along the River Flumendosa, in the territory of Seulo, around 8 km from the border with Gadoni.

The name literally means 'dripping' and derives from is stiddius, the effect of falling water drops, which in this case creates a waterfall. Or more accurately, rather than waterfall, a 'drizzle', filling the air with tiny drops falling from a karst source above. The drops fall along an imposing polished rock face, perpendicular to the river bed, characterized by enormous calcareous formations - deposited by the continuous flow of water - and mostly covered by hydrophilous plants, especially maidenhair. The spring water is divided into a thousand streams channelled by the calcareous formations and plants; the result is the thick drizzle, which falls with a dense 'dripping' in winter and 'softly' in summer. It ends its fall in a pond of emerald green water on the edge of the right bank of the river, where in the summer you can swim while watching the spectacle.