This wonderful oasis far from everything, with imposing and sinuous dunes of fine, warm golden sand that reach up to 60 metres in height, is shaped by the mistral winds and extends several kilometres from the hinterland until diving into the boundless and shimmering blue sea. Piscinas, a jewel of the Costa Verde - in the territory of Arbus - is like an oriental painting, presenting a breath-taking landscape and a must-see beach on your island holiday, considered by National Geographic as being amongst the most beautiful in the world. After walking along the unpaved and sandy trails, you will suddenly spy the immense and deep golden expanse, extending seven kilometres. The sea and sky merge along the blue horizon, whilst the shimmering sand dunes - declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - blend with the colours of the Mediterranean scrub. The vegetation grows lush with centuries-old junipers bearing twisted branches, lentisks and olive trees that form small groves and, in spring, violets, sea lilies and sand poppies. Here, the Sardinian deer occasionally roams, whilst the sea turtles lay their eggs on the shore.