A captivating setting will appear before your eyes: a combination of the deep blue colour of the sea, the golden sand, the multi-coloured rocks and the green ‘carpet’ of Mediterranean scrub covering the hills in the background. You will reach Portu Maga, a tourist village in Arbus that emerged in the 1990s, as you travel along the coastal road from Piscinas towards Marina di Arbus, two of the most gleaming ‘pearls’ of the Costa Verde. It stands on a hillside overlooking the sea: from here, you can gaze freely at the spectacular views and sunsets. Its coastline stretches for three kilometres, with a large, relaxing beach, where short stretches of the sandy part are interrupted by flat rocks.

The warm, medium-grained golden sand is washed by the crystal clear water with its beautiful colours becoming more intense on calm days, thanks to the reflection of the sun on the shallow water and the sandy seabed.