'Poglina', that comes from poddine, meaning 'flour', like its fine, weightless sand; 'Corallo', meaning coral, because of the gleaming sandy stretch, 'della Speranza' meaning ‘of Hope', from the locality in which it is located that, in turn, gets its name from the little church of Nostra Signora della Speranza (Our Lady of Hope). These are the three names for which the beach is known. It is a gem on the coast of Villanova Monteleone, a historical village located in the Alghero hinterland, 16 kilometres from the sea and it 'administrates' a 14-kilometre stretch of coastline. You can get to it along Provincial road 49 towards Bosa, eight kilometres south of Alghero, or from the new Provincial road from Villanova to the coast. You will find a wide stretch of about a kilometre and a half of fine, light sand bathed by a bright blue sea, quite sheltered but often rough due to the northwesterly mistral wind, making it popular with windsurfing and surfing enthusiasts. The sand slopes gently and continues to do so in the water too: beneath the shallow waters, the seabed is sandy and dotted with rocky outcrops.