One of the few Italian cities that have preserved their walls and towers intact. Today its bastions, dedicated to great explorers – Columbus, Pigafetta, Magellan and Marco Polo, have become an interesting walk. Alghero was built between 1102 and 1112 by the Doria family, and its first fortifications were raised a few decades later. By late 13th century, it was increased, while during the Aragonese domination no substantial modification was made to the city, and it preserved its Genovese plant with 26 towers. Thus it was until the 16th century, when the walls were rebuilt: the sea-facing part was completed, but the land-facing part was not. In 1867 Alghero was excluded from the list of strategic cities, and the dismantling began. But everything (or almost) that once was has resisted and can still be seen: the seaward walls and eight 16th-century city towers (plus 11 along the coast).