San Basilio extends along the winding road that leads from Senorbì to Goni, on the slopes of the Pitz’e Pranu hills, at the peak of the area and the junction between two historical territories - the lush plains and light undulations of the Trexenta and the rugged heights of the Gerrei. A small town with 1,200 inhabitants, San Basilio owes its name to the holy bishop of Antiochia, to whom a community of Greek-Byzantine monks, the Basilians, gave the name to a sumptuous monastery around the 9th-10th century. Built around this was the first inhabited town, Sanctu Basil de Montis, as it was called in the Middle Ages.

The monastery was born on the ruins of thermal baths from the Roman period (2nd century AD), the conduits of which can still be seen today, along with sections of large walls and three small rooms, a central apsidal space divided into three rooms, a small house where you will notice a small fresco depicting the starry sky, and a third area which still bears its roof.