Senorbì is the geographical and economic hub of Trexenta, a historically-rich territory, nicknamed the ‘granary of Rome’ in antiquity. A town of 5,000 inhabitants currently experiencing demographic growth - a rarity amongst the non-coastal Sardinian Municipalities - Senorbì thrives on the cultivation of sugar beets, wheat, olive groves and vineyards, being a commercial point of reference for the area. Its fertile territory encompasses hills and flat stretches, furrowed by tracks to be travelled by mountain bike or on horseback. The colours change with the agricultural cycle: the brown of the earth in autumn, the green of the wheat growing in spring, the blond expanses of crops during the summer. There is a great passion for horses that sees riders from all over southern Sardinia come for the feast of Santa Vitalia so as to compete at a trot during Is Cuaddus de Santa Vida, reaching the 19th-century Villa Aresu in the hamlet of Sisini.