It was the first Sardinian church to obtain the title of minor basilica, it contains a remarkable stylistic variety of decorations and furnishings and is the scene of various rituals of one of the most exciting events during Holy Week on the Island. The church of Santa Maria della Neve stands over the town of Cuglieri from the top of the Bardosu hill, in the eastern part of the village. Its origin is steeped in legend: it is said that, in the 13th or 14th century, a group of fishermen from Cuglieri found a mysterious stone simulacrum of the Madonna - with a golden flower in her hand - on the beach of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, and they decided to take it to the church of Santa Croce, which was the village’s parish church at that time. The oxen that pulled the cart with the statue in it continued their journey without stopping at the church and instead climbed up the Bardosu hill. Once at the top, it was impossible to make them move. The locals interpreted what happened as divine will and built a temple there. The name also apparently comes from a miracle: the church was originally supposed to be dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore, but after the attempted theft of all the precious furnishings by a gang of thieves, sudden heavy snowfall prevented the criminals from escaping, allowing the treasure to be recovered.