Set at an elevation of 400 metres, on the western slope of Montiferru, overlooking the valley and Su Tonodiu river, which marks the border with Planargia. Sennariolo is one of the smallest towns of the island (under 200 inhabitants), but one that boasts a rich scenic and archeologic heritage and is a member of the Borghi Autentici d’Italia Association. It is known for its sheep milk cheese, beekeeping and olive groves, where excellent quality honey and olive oil are produced. The more notable typical recipes include lamb intestines with aromatic herbs; stuffed snails; ravioli with potatoes, mint, fresh and pickled cheese; and the sweet cattas, spiral fritters made at Carnival.

The town has a typical agro-pastoral layout: an interlacing of narrow streets and alleys. The low, adjacent houses with spacious courtyards are made of basalt and sandstone, with facades adorned with imposts, architraves, cornices, and murals.