Some of its oldest houses were hewn into the limestone of a plain at 350 m above sea level, nestled in gently rolling hills and waters of the Asinara Gulf. Sedini has 1,300 inhabitants and is in the Anglona region, home to remarkable nature, ageless cultural traditions and prehistoric remains, like the domus La Rocca, the “cathedral of the domus de Janas.” It is one of Sardinia’s most unusual pre-Nuragic landmarks and is right on the town’s main street! It’s an enormous rock at the edge of the Baldana valley that is home to an underground burial site dating to the IV-III millennium BC. The site was used for the extraordinarily long time of 5,000 years, from the Neolithic Age to the XIX century. Its transformation over the course of time, especially the Middle Ages, made it an important part of the town: it was used to make bricks, it was a prison, animals were kept there, shops opened and dwellings inhabited.