It is a portion of the enormous swampy territory to the south of Oristano, reclaimed between 1934 and 1937. S’Ena Arrubia, nestled between the coastal pine forest and the very long and sandy beach of Marina di Arborea, is the “wreckage” of the great Sassu salty pond, originally subdivided in 200 small all big swamp areas and covering more than thirty thousand hectares. Today, the pond includes one tenth of that huge land, and has become an independent basin, saved from draining and fed by artificial sweet water canals. It flows into the sea by means of portcullises located near the fishing village called Marceddì, looked over by 16th-century Torrevecchia tower. Here, a cooperative regulates the activities in the waters of the pond, and every year it captures tonnes of eels, carps, mullets and sea bass, delivered to the tables of restaurants of the area and of Sardinia as a whole.