A strip of Sardinia that gives you the sensation of continuity between land and sea. In the protected area of the Sinis peninsula and of the island of Mal di Ventre, established in 1997 and stretching for approximately 26 thousand hectares in the territory of Cabras, a multi-coloured collection of land and lake settings slope gently towards beaches and cliffs. To the south, the coastal strip from the promontory of Capo San Marco stretches, with the rocks and soft sand of San Giovanni di Sinis and the quartz sand of Mari Ermi, Is Arutas and Maimoni, as far as the cliffs of Su Tingiosu. Slightly below Capo Mannu, which is the northernmost limit, you will find the Salt Pans and the beach of Putzu Idu. The quartz grains of sand of the 'coastal pearls' come from the decomposition of the rocks: a process that began 600 million years ago in Mal di Ventre.