Fascinating landscapes of the sea and the mountains. A hundred kilometres from both Cagliari and Nuoro, Tertenia is a village with an agricultural and pastoral tradition in the southern part of Ogliastra, populated by almost four thousand inhabitants. It stands in a valley, surrounded by the complex of Monte Ferru, rich in forests and trails, from the Taccu mannu and from Mount Arbu. The scenery is striking: the waters of the Rio Quirra torrent, which crosses through the residential area, and its tributaries, vineyards and holm oak forests of Crabiolu, Fustiragili and Bingionniga, create colour variations ranging from blue to green. In the background, the limestone towers of Tacchi d'Ogliastra add even more charm. The coastline stretches for twelve kilometres. The long Marina di Tertenia consists of enchanting beaches of soft, light sand, interspersed with rocky shorelines: Foxi Manna, Foxi de Murdegu and S Abba de Is Marronis. Their waters are transparent and iridescent blue.