An enchanted landscape: the sound of the surf, Mediterranean scents wafting in on the breeze, the colours of the sea, a place of rare beauty that is almost never crowded. Wild and mellow, isolated but welcoming, with its jagged rocks and pinnacles that look like towers, the beach of su Sirboni suddenly appears, a little unexpected. It is a strip of fine white sand, nestled in a cove hidden in the red porphyry, dotted with the bungalows of an old resort, abandoned for decades and now incorporated into the nature of the place. Its name means ‘the boar’ but it is also known as Cala Francese: it shines on the southern coast of Ogliastra, in the territory of Gairo Sant’Elena. You can reach it by exiting the ‘old’ state road SS 125 at Cardedu and, from the village, proceeding for eight kilometres, first towards Marina di Cardedu, then towards Perd’e Pera.