Of over six hundred thousand bibliographic units, more than six thousand are autographs and manuscripts, with almost six hundred codices and over two hundred incunabula, including the oldest printed edition of the Carta de Logu – a code of laws in force in the Middle Ages in the Sardinian Judicates -, several very rare 15th-century works and a codex of the Divine Comedy dated between the 14th and 15th centuries. The University Library of Cagliari is a prestigious ‘guardian’ of the written memory of the Island, thanks to the huge patrimony of volumes and prints and the charm of the building and its furnishings. It was created in 1764, during the reign of Charles Emmanuel III of Savoy, and is located inside the Palazzo dell’Università, above the Balice Bastion. The complex was originally meant to include three buildings: those of the University and of the Tridentine Seminary and, between them, a theatre, which was never built. The library was located in the Great Hall, now the ‘eighteenth-century hall’, but over time it has acquired new spaces in both buildings.