Among the centuries-old olive trees of the Coros

Ulivo millenario - Luras

Among the centuries-old olive trees of the Coros

The itinerary in the north-west of the island offers an authentic view of a landscape typical of the whole of Sardinia, characteristic of the island's countryside, narrating its history, traditions and famous local products

In Sardinia almost 40 thousand hectares are cultivated with olive groves: the resulting oil boasts a very high certified quality level. Coros oil is one of the finest in the region, and beyond. To discover the 'olivettati' landscapes and taste the fragrant flavour of the oil that comes from the north-western sub-region of Logudoro (a few kilometres from Sassari) you can take a short itinerary in three of the main towns: Ittiri, Uri and Usini.


The route starts from a town that has always been 'strategic' in the commercial and cultural exchanges between the largest coastal city, Alghero, and the capital of Sassari. The centre of Ittiri preserves ancient and precious buildings in trachyte and the monumental parish church of San Pietro. Five kilometres from the town, on the sas Seas plateau, there is a late Romanesque work by Cistercian monks (1230-60): Nostra Signora di Coros. Around it lies a fertile territory where olive groves and vineyards alternate. The quality of the agricultural products, in particular artichokes, and the flavour of the oil make the traditional recipes of Ittiri cuisine delicious.
Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Coros - Ittiri
A large and ancient town in the west area of northern Sardinia, 18 km from Sassari and 28 from Alghero, famous for its rural and folk traditions,...


Ittiri and Uri are eleven kilometres apart. Along the way you will see traces of important prehistoric and medieval settlements, in particular the ruins of the abbey of Nostra Signora di Paulis. In the centre of Uri, visit the archaeological complex of Santa Caterina, consisting of a complex nuraghe and a village. Two wells and structures from the Roman era have also come to light here. The town's olive-groves cover one of the largest areas in north-western Sardinia, and boast three-hundred year "old" trees. Artichokes are also traditionally grown in Uri, and even have their own festival, thanks to the irrigation that comes from the fascinating lake of Cuga.
Veduta di Uri
A town in the Coros-Logudoro area, half way between Alghero and Sassari in the north-west of Sardinia, celebrated for its fine farm products and a...


Just over five kilometres separate Uri from Usini, a stretch almost entirely covered by olive groves, and carefully cultivated from generation to generation. Usini is one of largest agricultural towns in the Sassarese area: in addition to olive groves, its fertile land is also known for its artichokes and vineyards, which produce top quality wines. A church set in the nearby countryside is named for the olives: San Giorgio di Oleastreto. In the town centre, you can visit the parish church of Santa Maria Bambina and the churches of Santa Croce and San Giovanni, Casa Derosas and Casa Diaz, nineteenth-century mansions, the Casa del Pievano, and Su Magasinu'e su Fattore. A short distance from the village stands the necropolis of s'Elighe Entosu, one of the prenuragic sites of the north-west.
Vitigno di uve vermentino
An agricultural village of medieval origin in the Sassari area, in the northwestern part of Sardinia, famous as a city of wine, centuries-old...


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