The most beautiful villages in Italy, overlooking the sea of Sardinia


The most beautiful villages in Italy, overlooking the sea of Sardinia

Windows wide open to the sun in the villages of the prestigious club, so that you can breathe Mediterranean air in every season
the bluest sea, just a step away from home

Bright sunny days will remain impressed on your mind, a comforting warmth even in winter, autumns and springs to frame and ‘experience’ intensely and summers that seem never-ending. You will feel at home, thanks to the authentic welcome, deeply rooted in the traditions of the people who populate the coastal villages. You will share their daily lifestyle, which has helped make the Sardinians a people of legendary centenarians. Every glimpse of the seaside villages is a photograph to add to the album of the most emotion-filled memories, and that’s just the beginning. Then there’s the habit of eating good food in these locations, an incomparable mixture of sea and land, outdoor activity, healthy and scented with Mediterranean essences. On foot and by bike, along the paths outside the walls, where enchanting coastal landscapes enshrine mysterious archaeological legacies and fascinating medieval ruins and where, without realising, your gaze will soon be lost on the horizon.

Bosa, a river of surprises

It has the sweet, heady flavour of Malvasia wine and the narrow, winding little lanes of a medieval citadel. It smells of history and art, of the wood of the boats resting on one of the most picturesque riverfronts in Italy and of cakes baked for its colourful festivals. Following the river to the sea and the view of the flight of the griffons over the rocky peaks is almost unreal.
Known as one of Italy's most picturesque villages, Bosa is set with its multicolored houses along the mouth of the river Temo, which divides...

Carloforte, from Island to island

The powerful pastoral culture of the ‘mother island’ has never even tried to compete with the original maritime culture and is in the DNA of its inhabitants like nowhere else in Sardinia. The sea marks its rhythms, customs, flavours and traditions, culminating in the famous Girotonno, while cascà, with its Tunisian coastal fragrance, is the local dish par excellence.
In the Sulcis archipelago, at the south-western end of Sardinia, lies a beautiful village founded by Ligurian families: one of the most enchanting...

Castelsardo, live a fairy tale

There was no need to build a studio set, because it was already here, the perfect stronghold for bringing dreams to life. If Disney chose this place as the setting for Eric’s castle in the live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid’ it is because the atmosphere of legends is at home here. Gaze at the sea from its walls, admire the art of basket weaving and let yourself be carried away by the charm of its mysterious traditions.
One of the loveliest towns in Italy is a medieval fortress surrounded by nature and steeped in history, religious traditions and ancient crafts. It...

La Maddalena, princess of the islands

The beating heart of an archipelago and of the national park of the same name was once aspired to as a strategic place in the chessboards of war and today as a destination for adventurous and unforgettable holidays. It can be your ideal base for exploring paths running between granite and Mediterranean scrub and for the emotion of the sea, while admiring the fragile beauty of highly protected islets.
La Maddalena
The archipelago and park are named for the only inhabited town on the largest island, a paradise with endless natural and historical-cultural...

Posada, a treasure to be conquered

Rivers to explore by kayak, paths to explore on foot, on horseback or by bike, that enter forests and lakes in a natural park, and picture postcard beaches with snow white sand and a turquoise sea. Need anything else? That might be enough, but it wouldn’t be Posada without its spectacular medieval castle dominating the village. Everything rhymes with beauty here.
Posada pano
In Baronìa, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, an ancient village stands perched on a limestone cliff. Behind it are the ruins of a castle and...