According to tradition, the castle of Acquafredda was built by the Donoratico della Gherardesca family when they took possession of the southwestern part of the Sardinia. In fact, count Ugolino dei Donoratico, a nobleman of Cagliari who was immortalized by Dante in Canto 23 of Inferno in the Divine Comedy, became the owner of the castle in 1257, while the fortress is older and was mentioned in a papal bull of 1215. After the death of Ugolino (1288), it went to Pisa, then to the Aragonese (1324) and later on from one feudal lord to another until it was redeemed by Victor Amadeus III of Savoy (1785).

From the top of a hill, the castle dominates the territory of Siliqua, which is four kilometres away. After climbing its slopes, the landscape varies from the green valley of Cixerri to Cagliari and from Marmilla to the Iglesiente area. From sunrise to sunset, you can see its shadows growing longer across the valley.