Dazzling expanses of sand extend between the sea and the lagoons, guarded over by towers that were once witness to pirate assaults. Muravera is the main town in the Sarrabus sub-region, boasting a population of over 5,000 inhabitants. The territory extends along the Flumendosa valley, from the slopes of Monte Nieddu to the mouth of the river. It is one of the beauties of the Mediterranean, with its jewel-like beaches and marshes to explore by mountain biking or horseback riding, the Baccu Arrodas forest perfect for trekking amongst the holm oaks and strawberry trees, and the citrus gardens in one of the most productive agricultural hubs on the island. The coastline extends to the south of the area for tens of kilometres, starting from the quartz beach of San Giovanni. The coastal itinerary continues to the dunes of Colostrai covered with sea lilies and yellow poppies, and the two kilometres of fine bronze-coloured sand of Feraxi. Backdropping the sandy shores are three of the five Muravera lagoons, fauna oases inhabited by pied avocets, black-winged stilts, flamingos and passing storks. There are also fishing hubs nearby. Close to the granitic spur of Capo Ferrato are the secluded coves of Portu de s'Illixi, sa Figu and Porto Pirastu. The ‘pure white’ beach of Iba de ziu Franciscu leads to Costa Rei, the longest stretch of sandy coastline in eastern Sardinia, at almost eight kilometres extending to the Scoglio di Peppino (with two others in the territory of Castiadas). Spectacular in terms of amplitude and natural pools, it is divided into stretches bearing various names, including Piscina Rei.