A story of a few decades between the 19th and 20th centuries, that started and ended along with the historical mining period. In Monte Narba, there was a self-sufficient miniature town with all sorts of services: a small hospital, a grocery shop, a carpenter’s shop and mechanical workshop, telephone network and electricity - a luxury for the period. In the centre of the workers’ houses, the scene was dominated by Villa Madama, the home of the director’s family and headquarters of the administrative offices. Next to it, there was what was one of the richest and most productive silver mines in Italy at that time and a source of work for the entire Sarrabus region. Later on, during the mining crisis, the village became an agricultural holding and was then abandoned. Today, it is a ghost town a few kilometres from San Vito, a place for explorers embraced by silence and vegetation, which is slowly recovering its spaces and is a place hidden in the hills, slowly disappearing beneath the debris of the glorious past.