One detail makes it almost unique in Sardinia: it was built entirely from terracotta bricks and there is only one other example like it, about 150 kilometres away. The church of San Nicola stands on the plain of Quirra, in the territory of Villaputzu, and the unique materials used for its construction were also used to build San Gavino di Lorzia, isolated in the countryside of Bono. The bricks were made using local clay and were fired on site, as is shown by the traces that lead us back to the quarry and the kilns. No known source confirms the year of construction or consecration of the building. Therefore, in order to place it between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century, it was necessary to rely on architectural and decorative styles, as well as on the use of well-defined geometric patterns, such as the ‘Tuscan canna’ and 'squaring'.