It is located at an altitude of over 700 metres on a limestone plateau (Su Taccu) that open the doors to the Barbagia di Seulo subregion and leaves that of Sarcidano behind it. Sadali is a picturesque medieval village with almost one thousand inhabitants. Forests of holm oaks, durmast oaks, cork oaks and Mediterranean scrub surround the residential area. The Flumendosa river makes the landscape even more charming, while the plateau has a rugged appearance, except for splashes of forest that once covered it completely. The varied territory was already inhabited in the Nuragic era: near the village there is the Nuraghe Accodulazzo, where pieces of obsidian and fragments of prehistoric pottery were found, as well as ceramic fragments from the Roman era.

Su Taccu is a groundwater reservoir supplying a myriad of springs, torrents and waterfalls, among which Su Stampu de Su Turrunu, a wonder of nature on the border between Seulo and Sadali. It is the result of a triple karst phenomenon: sinkhole, grotto and resurgence with a waterfall and a little lake. The itinerary taking you to it passes by the nearby Is Janas grottoes that, according to legend, is the dwelling of three fairies.