Costa Rei is a boundless spectacle, with over ten kilometres of golden sand and turquoise sea, within the coastal territories of Castiadas and Muravera. Various stretches of beach contribute to the spectacle, each with its own distinctive features and a name that identifies it. One of them, the southernmost one on the Muravera coast, starts at a picturesque rock and stretches for hundreds of metres, drawing a long white strip in front of an emerald green sea. It is the Spiaggia delle Ginestre, a beach also known as Scoglio di Peppino (Peppino’s Rock) due to the granite rock with a tapered shape that delimits the beach to the south, while on the opposite side it blends seamlessly with the other Muravera stretches of Costa Rei, Piscina Rei and Marina Rei, and is not interrupted until several kilometres further north, beneath the promontory of Capo Ferrato.