Tropical beaches and sea, natural oases and high-quality agri-food products. Castiadas is a young Municipality in the Sarrabus area, autonomous since 1986 and occupying a vast, rich territory, inhabited since the pre-Nuragic period and frequented until Roman times. Today, it is made up of hamlets that emerged after the Second World War, with a limited concentration of residents - just one thousand six hundred - but densely populated and lively in the hottest months. The first traces of the village date back to the 14th century. In the nineteenth century, the territory was reclaimed to build an agricultural penal colony, closed in the mid-20th century and now converted into a museum. This is the origin of the population and utilisation of a very fertile area, which produces renowned vegetables and citrus fruits.

The 13 kilometres of Castiadas coastline are one of the most beautiful stretches in Sardinia, with scenery made up of a succession of scenarios featuring white sands and dazzling colours, perfect places, not only for summer but also for a spring or autumn break, thanks to the beautiful clear, sunny days.