An enchanting bay of soft sand that plunges into the crystal-clear sea was chosen as the most beautiful beach of 2018 by the experts of Skyscanner, a famous website focused on the world of holidays, compiled on the basis of the cleanliness of the beach, the clarity of water and the landscape. Cala di Monte Turno owes its name to the unmistakable, rounded profile of the relief that stands behind it. It stretches along 300 metres in the form of an arch at the gates of the long and splendid coastline of Costa Rei, comprised of the rocks of Sant’Elmo to the north and the Marina di San Pietro to the south, in the Castiadas territory. What renders it particularly striking is the contrast between the blue and turquoise crystal-clear water, the green of the lush vegetation, the dark volcanic rock of the backdropping hills, broken up by the bright white of the soft and fine sand. The white colour takes on amber reflections on the shore. Gnarled junipers stand out in the midst of the Mediterranean scrub rising up behind. The seabed is sandy, with an almost-immediate plunge.