It sits on the basaltic plateau of Planargia, overlooking the valley of Modolo. Suni is a town of just over 1000 inhabitants a few minutes from Bosa, with which it participates in Strade della Malvasia event: where visitors can taste this prized sweet wine. In the Medieval period, the town was first part of the Giudicato of Torres then, following a brief spell under Malaspina family control, it passed to the Giudicato of Arborea. The town extends around the Church of San Pancrazio (15th century) and the Parish of Santa Maria della Neve. Saint Pancrazio’s Feast Day is celebrated in mid-May with processions, traditional song and dance, and an ardia. Saint Mary’s Feast Day, on the other hand, is celebrated in early August with a Folklore Festival. In late June, there is the Festival of Saint Narcissus, in the charming country church dedicated to him. In late September, saints Cosma and Damiano are celebrated.