It is situated in a splendid valley that gives it its name and surrounded by gentle, fertile hills. Modolo is a tiny village of fewer than 200 inhabitants in the Planargia area, four kilometres from Bosa and 50 from Oristano. In its territory, used for agricultural activities, thriving cherry trees, centuries-old olive groves and fragrant vineyards grow, giving the landscape a picturesque appearance. The most renowned production is that of wine-growing and viticulture, particularly Malaysia grapes.

The little village may have emerged around the 3rd century BC, during the Punic era. Still remaining from Roman domination is a villa in the outskirts of the village and the name Modulo valise, a mansion crossed by the western road from Sulki (Sant'Antioco) to Neapolis, Othoca (Santa Giusta) and Cornus (ancient Cuglieri) and continued on to Bosa. The name was turned into Modolo in the Middle Ages.