In Sardinia, just like Hawaii

Surf da onda all'Isola Rossa - Trinità d'Agultu

In Sardinia, just like Hawaii

Riding the waves two hundred days a year... it happens in the middle of the Mediterranean
the new frontier of surfboarding

They never fail to turn up and arrive on the shore, regularly and well inflated. In Sardinia, good ‘surfing’ waves appear almost everywhere. The stars of surfing have discovered this too, in their search for nearby places for training when preparing for various international challenges. However, the ‘rumours’ spread above all among the army of non-competitive enthusiasts looking purely for fun. Most of them know the beaches reached by the best waves and they move from one side of the island to the other to await them and ride them, almost as if they were in exotic places, classic surfing havens. What’s more... you can surf without a wetsuit in Sardinia until late autumn!

surfisti a Masua
the sea, like a flying carpet

The summer and early autumn waves don’t reach a metre and a half in height, making them a suitable size for surfing beginners, both for those who have only had a few lessons and for those who have already tried it, but on their own. So, it’s time for the first take-offs to succeed in get up onto the board, for riding the wave before it breaks, trying to stay balanced to do a cutback and even a few sudden and unexpected plunges into the water for beginners. However, in Sardinia the water temperature doesn’t drop below danger levels, so it’s the ideal training ground for learning to ride the waves.

surf Isola Rossa
where else, if not in Sardinia?

You can learn during a summer holiday, relying on schools, sports associations and surf camps. There are lots of them on the west coast of the island: in Porto Ferro, Torregrande, Torre dei Corsari, Portixeddu, Porto Botte and Porto Pino, to mention just a few places dear to surfers, where the waves are rarely absent. Other schools have their headquarters in Cagliari and on the northern coast, from Stintino to Palau, where the waves offer days of pure excitement, when the sea becomes a flying carpet, without ever going far from home.

surf al tramonto Alghero


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