A village “clinging to a sheer slope on the limestone ridge of Monte Santo - as the historian Vittorio Angius wrote - isolated in the isolated Ogliastra”. The panoramic position overlooking the valley below, makes the folk tale about its founding more credible: a goatherd created Baunei on the rocky elevation, at an altitude of almost 500 metres, to escape from the Arabs who were trying to invade in 1015. In the centre of the ‘steep’ village, which now has a population of three thousand 600 inhabitants, the Nicola di Bari parish church stands out, with its seventeenth century structure that was renovated in the 20th century. The Supramonte mountain range of Baunei, the home of hiking, extends around the village, with trekking trails that stretch from the mountains to the sea and its vertical rock faces are a rock climbing paradise. In particular, a gully leads to the natural monument, Pedra Longa, a pointed pinnacle 128 metres high, overlooking the sea.