Three days in the southern seas

Mari Pintau - Quartu Sant'Elena

Three days in the southern seas

Fly and drive, for a short holiday in Sardinia
A taste of the enchanting south

Ten minutes after landing in Sardinia, you will find yourself in the lively alleys of Cagliari’s historic districts. Glamorous boutiques and traditional shops, clubs, bars and restaurants where the best cuisine in Italy awaits you, according to the food and wine magazine, Gambero Rosso. The evenings continue at the beach bars along the ten kilometres of the city beach of Poetto, so close to the town centre and ideal for a dip in the sea on your day of arrival and departure. The itinerant short break along the coast of the golfo degli Angeli, returning to the city in the evening, is an ‘aperitif’ that precedes the picture postcard landscapes and beaches, while the journey of discovery of the southern seas is postponed to the following days.

The seven pearls of Chia

First day. Travelling west, the destination is Capo Teulada. From the 25th kilometre, there is a string of beaches: Nora and Santa Margherita di Pula, then the charm of the seven beaches of Chia. In common, they have soft, white sands, 25-metre high dunes covered in junipers and wild lilies, with lagoons populated by rare birds and the mountains of Sulcis behind them.
Cala Cipolla - Chia
Cala Cipolla
A precious gem in the vast treasure of Chia, the smallest and most delightful beach along a heavenly stretch of the extreme southwestern coast of...

Coveted, but not for sale

The landscape in this area is something incredible. It continues to emanate its charm as you walk up the road to Teulada. The beach of Tuerredda takes you by surprise. Its appearance is Caribbean but it is ‘embraced’ by a type of nature that you will undoubtedly recognise as typical of an ancient and pastoral Sardinia, despite being just 60 kilometres from Cagliari.
Spiaggia di Tuerredda - Teulada
Specialist journals consider the ‘jewel’ of the southwestern coastline to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Sardinia and you can only...

Home luxury

Such magnetic beauty leaves no space or time before reaching the nearby beaches, wonderfully wild and free from military constraints only in the summer months. If you want to step into the earthly paradise of is Arenas Biancas, Porto Tramatzu and Cala Zafferano you need more time, and the experience is only postponed to the next short break.
Spiaggia del Poetto - Cagliari
A vast and stunning city beach, with eight kilometres of coastline extending between Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena comprised of soft sand,...

A painted sea with Sardinian language

On the second day, moving towards Villasimius, the journey that takes you out of town is along a strip of land between the seafront of the city beach of Poetto and the oasis of the pink flamingos and salt mountains in the Park of Molentargius-Saline. Then the road climbs up the hill and, from the top, you can catch sight of enticing inlets and coves. Not to be missed for a dip in the sea and for photos to collect likes is Mari Pintau.
Mari Pintau - Quartu Sant'Elena
Mari Pintau
A spectacular beach with smooth stones washed by the deep blue sea, a colour that you will only see in these locations on the southern coast of...

Famous, not by accident

In this way, you will reach the protected marine area of Capo Carbonara-Villasimius. Here, the beaches are all breathtakingly beautiful and close at hand: Porto sa Ruxi, Campulongu, Simius, Porto Giunco and Punta Molentis… You will want to return. These southern Sardinian seas are just an hour’s flight from Italy.
spiaggia di Porto Giunco - Villasimius
Porto Giunco
A slice of the Caribbean in Sardinia and the “pearl” of the south-eastern coast located 45 kilometres from Cagliari, being a sublime strip of fine...


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