Sardinia, wellness naturally

Thalasso in Sardegna

Sardinia, wellness naturally

A wellness break where the sun shines 300 days of the year and the climate is always mild. Sand baths, scrubbing, thalassotherapy, aromatic baths and anti-aging treatments: all the best things for body and mind
a heavenly and beneficial oasis for all tastes

An oasis of wellness at your fingertips. Mother Nature has made Sardinia an unparalleled open-air gym, where you can alternate trekking, cycling and climbing with regenerating swims and snorkelling in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. You will not be able to resist the attraction of impromptu acquagym sessions or long walks in the shallow water, taking advantage of the currents for pleasant hydro-massages along the water's edge. Choose between fine sandy beaches, suitable for hot sand baths and bays with pebbles for scrubbing sessions. Here, you will experience the benefits of walking barefoot on the little stones along the water's edge and lying on the stones warmed by the sun.

Bagno con le onde - Cala Goloritzé
natural heritage in the hotels and wellness centres

The wellness hotels in Sardinia also use the extraordinary natural heritage: seawater for thalassotherapy, seaweed for compresses, sand for massages, sea salt and shell powder for scrubbing. It was already known to the ancient peoples: bathing in warm seawater at body temperature, massages with marine extracts and muds made with seaweed treat and regenerate the whole body and benefit the health of body and mind. The skin opens up to the minerals from the sea as they pass through it, supplementing the supply of elements that are fundamental for cell regeneration. The Island does miracles: weight loss, recovery of muscle tone, balance in the body and beauty of the body.

Spiaggia Is Arutas - Sinis
sea, sun and pure air: thalassotherapy and other wellness experiences are completely natural in Sard

The thalassotherapy performed in Sardinia is completely authentic (and indigenous). The spa centres are located along the coast and only use water that comes directly from the sea. Its qualities, pressure and concentration of minerals and trace elements remain integral. The wellness experiences that complete the thalassotherapy treatment also recount and identify the Island: shell massage using shells found on the beaches, hot stone with warm Sardinian basalt stones, compresses of fine sand warmed by the sun to the right degree.

Pianta del mirto
Benefits for the body from the Mediterranean scrub

Sea is not all there is in the wellness centres: cork powder is used for body gommage, juniper extract with an anti-cellulite action to combat water retention, helichrysum and mastic oils as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory remedies. Wellness has also discovered the properties of myrtle: women use it as an essential oil in aromatic decongestant and balsamic baths, as a gel in anti-cellulite draining massages and as a deeply moisturizing cream in anti-ageing treatments. In Antiquity, it was already used as a natural remedy, as well as in cooking, to aromatize foods and to make a delicious after-dinner liqueur.