In the centre of the Marmilla region, in the valley of the Mannu river, at the foot of the Giara, there is a special atmosphere: ever since prehistoric times, Barumini was the main centre of a very rich territory, with a population of approximately one thousand 300 inhabitants today. It is one of the most captivating places of culture on the Island. At the entrance to the residential area, there is a monumental complex that has made it world-famous: Su Nuraxi, the only archaeological site in Sardinia declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1997). Not only is it the most impressive (and most well-preserved) of the thirty Nuragic sites, but it is, above all, the most precious inheritance left to us by the Nuragic civilization. The archaeological excavations took place in the middle of the 20th century by Giovanni Lilliu. The cultural centre located a short distance from the nuraghe was named after 'the father' of Sardinian archaeologists and events, concerts, and archaeological and crafts exhibitions (permanent and temporary) take place here, in this incomparable setting.