Those who visit it, cannot help but describe it with just one adjective: enchanted. The Niala forest, in the territory of Ussassai, next to the state-owned forest of Montarbu, is an oasis set in nature and full of attractions: lush expanses of holm oaks and Mediterranean scrub are crossed by torrents that generate waterfalls. The natural pools of Tuvu Nieddu, stand out and, during the hot season, you can enjoy a refreshing swim here. In springtime, you can admire several paths as they turn pink, thanks to the peonies in bloom.

Niala can be reached via various routes with a view of the distinctive ‘buttes’ of Ogliastra, including the Italia trail, along the Z20 section. Otherwise, you can get there from the Sentiero delle Aquile (Path of the Eagles) - to the west of Gairo Taquisara -, crossing through is Tostoinus, a place where you can admire a picturesque cuile, a small stone bridge and the remains of a Nuragic village.