At first sight, it is a ‘normal’ cone of volcanic origin, which stands out in front of the residential area of a town in Lower Campidano, but in reality it contains various Domus de Janas – two with an original appearance -, a monumental flight of steps that leads to a sacred area and a few villages, one of which is the protagonist of a sensational and controversial discovery. Monte Zara is one of the mountains that ‘protect’ the territory of Monastir to the east, while next to it runs state road SS 131 ‘Carlo Felice’, the arterial road that crosses the entire Island. From the road, proceeding towards Cagliari, you can see two adjacent cavities, located on the northern side: they are the Domus de Janas known as is Ogus de su monti, or ‘eyes of the mountain’. These are two tombs side-by-side but independent, with a well-sculpted entrance portal, antechamber and funerary cell.