It was part of a real system of ‘control towers’, in visual contact with at least four other nuraghi located near the Giara di Siddi and theCollinas plateau, and both the characteristics of its construction and the presence of mysterious marks on rock make it intriguing, giving rise to a popular belief. The Nuraghe Concali stands on top of the mountain of the same name, two kilometres north of Collinas. Its structure is complex, with a central tower partly included in a twin-lobed bastion, surrounded by a barricade. To the west, the bastion appears to incorporate a previous building, with a sub-circular layout, defined by some as a ‘pseudonuraghe’.

The nuraghe was built from basalt blocks, taking advantage of the natural rock outcrops. From the main tower of the nuraghe, with a tholos roof, two masonry arms delimit the courtyard, with a second tower overlooking it. The vegetation covers a third tower, which is smaller in size.