It is part of the Ogliastra Blue Zone, one of five areas in the world with the highest life expectancies among the inhabitants. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that the most long-lived family in the world in 2014 was from Perdasdefogu: eight siblings for a total of 828 years (the two older sisters were 107 and 101). The place name means ‘fire rocks’, a reference to the limestones which were transformed into lime in furnaces. Its two thousand inhabitants (foghesini) typically call their town Foghesu, i.e. ‘furnace’. It is a Medieval mountain town to the south of Ogliastra. According to legend, the first houses in Perdas were constructed by refugees from Turu, a village destroyed by the Mores. Today, the isolated town climbs to an altitude of 600 metres on the edge of uniquely-shaped limestone tacchi formations.