The town has an incredibly valuable textiles craft heritage handed down over the centuries. Samugheo, a town of around 3000 inhabitants in the Mandrolisai area, in the province of Oristano, is known for its production of rugs, tapestries and traditional clothing. It is part of the Borghi Autentici dItalia circuit and is set in the lush and wild scenery of the Brabaxianna (‘gateway to Barbagia’), among solitary hills, crevasses, rocky cliffs, springs, oak woods and Mediterranean brush. There are numerous caves: ‘dell’Aquila’, sa Conca e su Cuaddu, and the Buco della Chiave with its hour-glass shape.

The town centre, originally divided into four neighbourhoods each with its own "microcosm", is characterised by two-floor houses with balconies, doorways and frames in red trachyte. The houses are decorated with murales representing the town's emblem: rugs. On the outskirts is Murats (regional textile art museum), where you can admire splendid examples from all over Sardinia.