It lies in the curadorìa of Campidano Maggiore, near the right bank of the Tirso, the longest river on the island that crosses the entire fertile and flourishing territory. Zerfaliu is a town of just over 1,000 inhabitants in the upper Oristano area, an important town for the cultivation of citrus fruits, to which the Sagra degli Agrumi (citrus fruit festival) has been dedicated since 1997, between February and March. In addition to oranges, tangerines, mandarins and grapefruits of a range of varieties, there is an exhibition of agricultural and food products and handicrafts, sweets recipes and marmalades based on citrus fruits and offering tastings of typical dishes. The area used for cultivations, for the orchard ‘gardens’, is a strip of land that separates the town from the river, Su Bennaxi, rendered particularly fertile thanks to the silt sediments following floods.